Friday, February 22, 2008

Once apon a time.......

When I was a weee little one my grandpa would sit me on his lap and tell me a story. It was called three robbers. Practicly everytime he saw me he would tell it and I would listen intently to every word. Sometimes I would get upset because it was like he was not telling the whole story. Now I tell it to who ever will listen and he continues to tell it to my nieces and nephews. It's become a family tradition. So I thought I would tell it to you......don't worry there are pictures. :)
Once apon a time, on a Darrrrk and storrrrmy night there were three robbers that lived in a cave.
One of them said "Hey Joe! Tell me a story"
Joe said "OK!"
"Once upon a time, on a Darrrrk and Storrrrmy night there were three robbers that lived in a cave."
"One of them said "Hey Joe! Tell me a story."
"Joe said "OK!"

"Once upon a time on a Darrrrk and Storrrrmy night there were three robers that lived in a cave." "One of them said "Hey Joe! Tell me a story!"

"Joe said "OK!"........

...........I am going to end it here for now but if you would like to hear the rest of the story you may call me! :)


Justin *Anna *Daisy *Lily said...

hehehe I remember my dad telling me that story. CLASSIC. Love the new you by the way.

Sara said...

It took me a minute to figure out it was you in the rocking chair. What a hot granny! Sweet story by the way! When am I going to get a hold of that face of yours?

Anna said...

rid, rid, tell me a story!

Amistad Family said...

wow, chris that makes me miss grandpa. You know he turns 80 this week??

Anonymous said...

We got out my baby book to see if my 8-month-old girl looks like me, and there was a page of "landmarks" my mom wrote. December of 83 (I would have been almost 3), she says, "Can recite "on a dark and stormy night" completely." We extend it a little with "long time ago... ,far far away..." etc. But the basics are there. See you this weekend? Love ya. Rita

Shawn and Ashley Oram said... really need to start posting more. I know that there is a lot happening in your little world right now! :)

Lorissa said... seems like I have heard this story before (over and over and over) :) what's happening?

StrongerFamilies said...

So glad to see you used those pictures. Fun post. I've read it before but looked to see if you'd posted anything new.

Anything happen in your life since Febuary? (ha ha)

- Dave

chelseamgood said...

Update your blog lady!!! Actually don't I really like looking at the Old lady Christa pictures! Love you babe!